Teenage Depression

by imagreatblogger

Here is a link to article about the dramatic rise in teenage girls dealing with depression between the ages of 12 and 15.

Being a girl,  I was immediately attracted to this article. Although the numbers and research may be new, the issues of body image and female stress hormones in relation to the brain is an age old one.  I think the fact that these issues are occuring earlier and earlier in teenage girls should be blamed on the current media system.  The media, specifically  television,  advertising, and magazines, is coming at us from all angles almost every moment of the day, but the difference lies in the way teenage girls, and the female gender in general, absorbs the information as opposed to males. Take any cover model on a female oriented magazine. A girl will look at the cover shot and immediately judge the model on her looks, clothes, ect. and proceed to compare herself to that image. It is very sad, but true. The more accessible the media becomes the more this trend will continue in young women, and that is scary.