Stop Spending on Special Education?!

by imagreatblogger

This article is about a study released this week by the Thomas B. Fordham institute.  The study focuses on making cuts in special education in order to save the country money.

This article really upset me.  In the panic of discovering the solution for our nation’s debt a lot of ideas cross the public sphere -good and bad. To me, this is a bad one. Levenson makes the claim that some school districts are over-staffing their special education programs in comparison to regular education programs. This is not an invalid arguement for two reasons. One, it is impossible to accurately compare a special needs student with a regular student, and two, special needs students NEED the extra staff.  Special need children often cannot process information just by listening to one instructor speak. They require the aid of multiple instructors  for full comprehension of their studies. Levenson gave to compromise of reducing the number of staff, by hiring the most qualified ones. I find this compromise to be too idealistic. The chances that there is a qualified special education instructor and aid in every school district is highly unlikely.

This is article is unfair and hopefully is not taking too seriously.