Homogenized Beauty

by imagreatblogger

This is an article about “homogenized beauty” going global.

My mother went on a trip to South Korea this summer to teach children american literature. When she came back she obviously had plenty of stories to tell, but one that struck me as interesting was her take on Korean beauty. She told me that the number one plastic surgery procedure in Korea is the rounding of eyes. Essentially this procedure makes the Asian eye into a more Westernized eye with the addition of a creased lid.  My mother commented on how it is so sad that not only are American girls stuggling with vanity and beauty trends, but woman of different cultures are struggling to keep up with ours as well and I completely agree.

I am posting this article because one, it has to do with the intersesting phenomenon of “homogenized beauty” and two, because i feel as though it has to do a lot with social psychology and the mind.

Are there other instances where you guys see woman of different cultures changing their traits to fit the western stereotypes?