Jim Lehrer’s Performance

by imagreatblogger

This is an article about Jim Lehrer’s recent performance in the presidential debate, as well as his personal persepctive on the matter.


Mr. Lehrer has been a target of intensifying criticism from partisans and analysts who complain that he did not sufficiently probe the candidates in the first two debates and was not particularly aggressive in following up his questions. The result, these critics say, is that the nominees were let off the hook on vital matters and the debates meandered to the point where they verged on being downright tedious.

I agree with the critics. I am upset that Lehrer allowed for so many important topics to get overlooked.  There was definitely a point in the debate when he could have been more assertive and interjected with a probing question ins tead he sat back and let the candidates run the show. Obviously that didn’t work out too well… How do you guys feel?