When Every Vote Counts, Its a Fight For Who Gets to Cast One

by imagreatblogger

As I have been researching voter suppression for my paper I have come across multiple eye-opening articles on the topic.

The first article I found is from the Huffington Post about an explicit comment made by the Pennsylvania Republican Majority Leader Michael Turzai on voter suppression.

The second article I found is from the New York Times about the history of voter suppression and how close to nothing has changed since the 19th century in terms of the concepts behind voter suppression.


I think it is hard to ignore the facts when it comes to who is suppressing voters — Republicans.  In the first article, Michael Turzai – a REPUBLICAN leader of Pennsylvania – said it himself  ““Voter I.D –which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania? Done.” It doesn’t get more straight forward than that. Voter suppression has always targeted the same people: minorites, the poor, students, and women never the upper-middle class or wealthy white man. These people also happen to be the same people who gave President Obama the election in 2008, aka the democrats. Now why would Republicans want to suppress those votes again?   I think voter suppression is a huge problem and should not be ignored.