Sexual Assault Scandal Rocks Amherst College

by imagreatblogger

Here is the article!

This is an article about one peticular sexual assault scandal that is drawing some national negative attention to the small nescac college.  A former Amherst college student published her ‘horrifying’ rape experience to the school’s newspaper, but the major issue that is receiving national attention was the fact that Amherst did not support her or provide her the adequate care the she deserved after the assault.

I think that this is very sad.  I remember learning at the beginning of the year that one of the largest fears that girls and boys have about telling someone about a rape incident is that no one will believe them. Here is the proof.  I think that in college a lot of sexual behavior, whether it is experienced on a dancefloor or in a dorm room, is overlooked and passed off as a small thing. That is not ok! If anyone feels as though they have been sexually assaulted in any way it is the school’s job to give them the right and sufficient support that they truly deserve. Hopefully this story makes other colleges double-check their own school’s idea of sexual assault and what help is necessary to provide and when.