Blurring the Lines Between Church and State

by imagreatblogger

Here is the article!


Investigations are being held against the Christian evangelical preacher Billy Graham and other Catholic bishops for allegedly telling their religious followers how to vote. According to freedom of speech law churches are allowed to speak on any issue they please, but they run the risk of breaking the Internal Revenue Service rules. These laws state that no religiously affiliate group is allowed to promote or oppose a particular candidate. The punishment? The loss of billions of dollars in tax breaks.

I think that the Internal Revenue Service rules are definitely fair and logical. In my opinion politics are a lot more complicated than abortion laws, gay rights, or any complicated financial plan. I think that sometimes churches oversimplify things when they feel as though they have to pick the side that supports their core beliefs without looking at the bigger picture.  Religion shouldn’t be affiliate with politics at all, so I think it is really sad that the two can make such a controversial mess out of social issues.