A Lesbian Republican?

by imagreatblogger

Here is an interesting article from the NYTimes about a lesbian woman who is fighting to break the strong connection between gays and lesbians with the democratic party.

Cathy Smith, a lesbian Republican, argued “What good are gay rights if your country is falling apart?”  After reading this article I find some validity in that statement.  Although I think that the most recent election was an especially polarized debate when it came to social issues such as gay rights and women’s right, there should be no reasion why in the future a lesbian women should be ashamed of having conservative values and even vote Republican on that next ballot. This also hits on the age old issue of church v. state, but I believe that our country is adapting to the social evolution that is occuring in our country.  I predict that the Republican party will begin to show less and less of an affiliation with the Christian conservatives in elections to come, and instead will begin to give into more democratic social positions.