by imagreatblogger

Newtown Connecticut shooting

I think the horrific shooting that occured in an elementary school in Newtown,Conneticut has not only spurred the prayers of millions, but serious thoughts aboutbe the current gun control laws in America as well. I was watching the Rachel Maddow show last night, and she began talking about the famous N.R.A. We have all heard about the curruption of this group of these people and their republican grasp on gun laws, but what I found interesting was Rachel Maddow said the current gun laws go even against the majority of the N.R.A!! The majority of the N.R.A voted that before buying a gun a criminal background check should be issued, and that any convicted terrorist should not allowed to buy a gun in the United States. Unfortunately and bizarrely, both of those majority votes have gone unheard and do not hold true in America today.

What do you guys think? Is it time to change gun control laws? Or is this just another rare circumstance?